MSI shares workaround for BSOD issue on LGA1700 motherboards after Windows 11 update – PC – News

MSI shared a workaround against blue screen of death on their motherboards with Intel 600 or 700 chipset. Earlier this week, some motherboards with the latest BIOS were found to be experiencing such malfunctions. It happened after Windows 11 update KB5029351.

MSI and Microsoft realize themselves of the accident and its causes are currently being investigated. The companies will provide more details later. Users are initially advised not to install the update. For users who have already installed the update, MSI shares a temporary workaround. The manufacturer says that the update may be automatically uninstalled after the crash. Otherwise, it is recommended to uninstall the update and bios from the motherboard Downgrade.

Reports of BSODs appeared on some MSI LGA1700 motherboards earlier this week. Reports, among others, The Verge. Some of these motherboards experienced BSOD issues after installing the cumulative update preview KB5029351. These updates contain bug fixes and are optional, but despite their preview trail, they are already available via Windows Update for the version of Windows 11. They must then be installed manually.

Affected users have reported that their computers crashed when the issue occurred. Then they get one Blue screen of death with “Unsupported Processor” as the stop code. The crashes may be related to recently released BIOS versions that support the upcoming Intel Raptor Lake Refresh processors. According to The Verge, the issue affects MSI motherboards with the latest BIOS installed in conjunction with update KB5029351.

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