Mother Marco Borsato on the accusations against her son: ‘He’s just a good person’ | Displays

Mother Marco Borsato on the accusations against her son: 'He's just a good person' |  Displays

Mary Borsato (78 years old) does not discuss the sexual assault accusations against him with her son Marco Borsato (56 years old). “In our own way, despite the dark clouds that have gathered above us, we try to remain positive in life.”

This is what the singer’s mother says Special weekly magazine. “No matter what is said about Marco, I know who he really is.” This is the first time in more than a year and a half that she has spoken publicly about the issue of sexual crimes. At the end of 2021, a young woman filed a report against Borsato. She says she was sexually abused by the singer since she was 15 years old. It is still unclear whether the Public Prosecution will prosecute him for this.

Mary Borsato is saddened that her son has fallen so badly in public and that his “career has been ruined.” “His life and the lives of the people around him have become one big bad dream. “I don’t know if he’ll be able to start over when all this trouble is over,” she says. “Everything he was good about was swept aside from one moment to the next, without the judge even looking.” in the matter. And while many people know how kind and gentle Marco was to everyone. He is very social. Marco was always there for people who needed him. (…) He’s just a good person.

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Marco once told her his story. “That’s enough for me. Marco knows that I love him, just as I love Armando and Silvana (her other children, ed.). I am there for him as a mother, he can always come to me. I make him feel that I have his back.” Meanwhile, the family decided not to talk On the issue again in order to get through this period: “In our own way, and despite the dark clouds that have gathered above us, we are trying to remain positive in life.”

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Mary says she’s “been in front of hotter fires” and that she continues to encounter kind reactions from complete strangers, and with my own children and grandchildren, of whom I have seven, I can still laugh. The humor has not been taken away from us.”

Some allegations of sexual misconduct – which allegedly occurred during a talent show Voice of the Netherlands The Public Prosecution dismissed him in March due to insufficient evidence. Search it Groping 15 year old daughter His former assistant is still going. Borsato, who has been living in the shadows for nearly two years, filed a counter-declaration for slander and defamation.

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