Mother-in-law, Ninky Plus, is grateful to be living with her: ‘But my rules apply’

Mother-in-law, Ninky Plus, is grateful to be living with her: 'But my rules apply'

Hannah particularly enjoys the fact that Ninke and her son, Risley Steward, live with her and the children. According to her, it is also very common in Surinamese culture to support your children even later in life. “I’m grateful I had the opportunity to do this. I was living with my mother for a year with Risley and my oldest daughter, so I could save up money to buy a new house.” As far as she is concerned, Rilsi, Ninki and the kids can “stay as long as they want”. But a year and a half later, the end is in sight. It looks like it will be September.

Although Risley and Ninki are adults, they don’t have much of a say in Hina’s house. “My rules apply at home. We’ve made agreements. It’s not about the money, no, I don’t think it’s necessary. They just pitch in, pay for the groceries. They help out where they can.”

Although Hannah sets the rules at home herself, she is very happy to participate in raising her grandchildren. “Are the children doing something that is not allowed? Then I will say something about it. In Suriname you raise children together anyway.” It is also loved to do other things in the presence of the whole family. “Arguments also happen in front of everyone. We’re used to it, we’ve always been together a lot.” Besides the arguments, they also make many beautiful memories together. “The birth of my granddaughter at my home was also a special moment.”

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