Mini Viking Ship is the oldest picture in Iceland

Mini Viking Ship is the oldest picture in Iceland

Archaeologists found a small stone in one of the walls.

Upon closer examination, it turned out that one of the residents had carved a drawing on the stone, which may be the oldest image ever found in Iceland.

Ash and carbon-14 dated

It was not difficult to establish that the longhouse at Stöðvarfjörður predates the oldest permanent settlements in Iceland.

Vikings settled permanently in Iceland as early as 874, after Ingulfur Arnarson arrived on the island from Norway. But the two longhouses found are both under a layer of volcanic ash from 869-873.

In addition, the C14 houses’ timber dating shows that they were built around 800.

“My theory is that the longhouse was a seasonal hunting camp of a Norwegian chief who organized voyages to Iceland to collect valuables and bring them back to Norway by sea,” said archaeologist Bjarni F. Einarsson, who led the excavation.

In 2019, DNA analyzes showed that a species of walrus was now extinct in Iceland during the Viking Age, among other things. Researchers believe that Norse Vikings moved here to hunt these walruses.

One of these Vikings may have carved an image of a ship into a small stone and hid it in the house. These drawings are known from many other places in Scandinavia, but they are undoubtedly the oldest in Iceland.

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