Mexico braces for ‘potentially catastrophic’ Hurricane Otis.

Mexico braces for 'potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Otis.
The army was deployed along the coast near Acapulco

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Mexico is preparing to face severe Hurricane Otis, which will continue to gain strength in the coming hours and then make landfall in the south of the country. Otis is now a Category 4 hurricane and could develop into a “potentially catastrophic” Category 5 hurricane, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

The US agency warned of “devastating waves” and floods in coastal areas near Acapulco. Otis is already bringing wind gusts of more than 233 kilometers per hour. The region should also prepare for very heavy rainfall.

“A potentially catastrophic storm surge is expected to cause life-threatening coastal flooding,” the National Hurricane Center said. A hurricane warning is in effect for the area from Punta Maldonado to Zihuatanejo. The hurricane center believes Otis will lose strength once it reaches land quickly.

An emergency shelter has been set up

The state of Guerrero has taken all kinds of precautions. Hundreds of emergency shelters have been set up and schools remain closed. The army was deployed along the coast. The Port of Acapulco is also closed.

Last weekend, northern Mexico was hit by the milder Hurricane Norma, resulting in two deaths. A few days ago, one person was killed in Mexico due to Hurricane Lydia.

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