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Mercedes will handle ChatGPT in its cars as a voice assistant. Owners can “issue natural voice commands” and “chat” with the AI. The introduction begins with an optional pilot program.

This program is experimental It begins in the United States, where Mercedes says 900,000 vehicles will be compatible with the system. These are the vehicles equipped with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience System; This system has been around since 2018. The trial version starts on June 16th and should last for three months. The final release date for the feature has not yet been determined.

The AI ​​should be able to “answer questions about a destination, suggest a dinner recipe or answer a complex question” in cars. ChatGPT in Mercedes is expected to answer the same questions as ChatGPT in OpenAI itself. However, it is not known which model the automaker will be using.

The AI ​​performs its calculations in the cloud and uses Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service for this. Mercedes states that voice command data is stored in the “Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud” and is not shared with third parties. It is also anonymized before it is analyzed. The announcement contains a complete overview of the models eligible for the test.

Automaker General Motors said it was investigating such moves. However, this company has not yet taken any concrete steps in this direction.

Mercedes CLA Coupe C118
The Mercedes-Benz C118 is one of the models that has access to ChatGPT beta in the US.
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