Mark Gurman: Apple postpones the release of the Apple Vision Pro to March 2024 – Gaming – News

Other media are also talking about this. Nothing lazy about it. Apple has never said specifically when the Vision pro will be released. For the rest of the world, that will be the end of 2024. So, yeah, it’s time to watch, especially with the reported shortages.

I’m looking forward to it. It’s not a buy (it’s actually a trial product) but everyone who has tested the Vision Pro has been pleased. I want to test it!

Forbes journalist:

Personally, I was very skeptical about the Vision Pro, until I tried it out in the summer. After the half-hour demo, I was blown away, and the experience stays with me to this day. In fact, it not only took my breath away, but left me feeling excited, moved, and even…

Marquis Brownlee also said it in similar words. He added in another video that it was a “zero product,” the first technical demonstration of developing the ecosystem with industry.

I’m already excited. Once the first version is released, although it will be limited professionally, its true nature will become visible with the first real use cases for the masses. (Although a real breakout may take a long time)

Many people are skeptical, but this technology will lay the foundation for the first true mixed reality for the masses. And yes, it’s still expensive, and yes, Microsoft has been in this boat for a while, but the ambition of the Helo Lens was to make 100%+ very specific custom applications.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a game changer. Anyway…first wait for the first reviews.

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