Margot Robbie cheated on Barbie movie negotiations

Margot Robbie cheated on Barbie movie negotiations

As the film’s producer, it is up to Margot to convince the studio that her vision for the film will lead to financial success. During pitch meetings, the Oscar nominee confidently states that a Barbie movie could make a billion dollars worldwide and that its success hinges on bringing director Greta Jeroen on to the project.

In an interview with an entertainment site collider Margot explains how she tried to impress the studios at the time. “I think my pitch, at the meeting I got the go-ahead for, was that studios thrive when they’re brave enough to pair a good idea with a visionary director,” Margot begins. “You mentioned all kinds of examples, like dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg.”

In her own words, Margot lists everything that was “incredibly good” and “brought in a lot of money for the studios over the years”. “I said that [Barbie] It will bring in a billion dollars. I might have been selling too much, but we had to make this movie, okay? ”

Although it remains to be seen whether Barbie It already brings in $1 billion for Warner Bros. , and it can already be called a blockbuster for the studio. According to the American magazine diverse The film is expected to gross between $95 million and $110 million in its opening weekend. Some projections suggest it could raise as much as $140 million.

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