Love-filled bed and breakfast maker Olof needs a ‘secretary’ to answer fan mail: ‘There’s nothing wrong with that’ | B&B with love

Love-filled bed and breakfast maker Olof needs a 'secretary' to answer fan mail: 'There's nothing wrong with that' |  B&B with love

Olof Ormeling, a participant in B&B full of love, thinks it is “nice” to be famous thanks to RTL4. Olof is regularly approached on the street, he says in front of an RTL camera.

Retired marine engineer Olof, 75, who traveled to Portugal to record the dating show to win the heart of B&B owner Marian, quickly becomes the show’s tastemaker. His down-to-earth outlook on life, the help he gives to Marian, and his statement, “There’s nothing wrong with that,” have been welcomed by millions of viewers.

In a video posted to Instagram by RTL on Tuesday that counts to 12,000 likes and more than 800 interactions, Olof says he thinks it was well received by the creators of the programme. “There’s nothing wrong with that” has become my motto. But people thought it was funny. All the people I meet on the street can laugh at that. Olof, of Vogt, was now awash with letters. I can’t answer everything. Then I need a secretary. But I like it.

Famous viewers like Sui Kron and Jim Backum are vocalists. “Olof every day of your life, there’s nothing wrong with that!” Soy writes. Domien Verschuuren also repeats Olof’s mantra. Ronnie Felix thinks Brabander is a “legend”. “What a pure man,” writes Nicky Romero.

Whether Olof ever found love with Marianne remains a mystery to the line viewer. Those looking forward to Videoland now know if Olof is the wife. reunion episode of B&B with love It will be broadcast on RTL 4 on Sunday.

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Who is your favorite participant from bed and breakfast filled with love?

  • Bram from Sweden (7%)

  • Debbie from Spain (75%)

  • Joy from Spain (1%)

  • Lindert from Belgium (2%)

  • Marianne from Portugal (9%)

  • Martin from Thailand (2%)

  • Petrie from France (3%)

  • Walter from France (2%)

Olof loves the job. © RTL

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