Look! How much Zwolle residents know about America: ‘Many Americans don’t know this’


How much do Zwolle residents know about America? Sam from California tests this for his popular YouTube channel ‘Exploring the Foreign’. In one of his latest videos, which has been viewed almost half a million times, he is in Zwolle.

Sam claims to be from California and currently living in the Netherlands. He had A Youtube channel In it he uploads videos about Americans’ knowledge of the Netherlands. “Now it’s time to do it the other way. Today I’m in Zwolle and we’re going to see how much the Dutch know about America,” he says in one of his latest videos.

Ten questions

In Zwolle, Sam takes to the street and asks ten questions about American culture. For example, who was the first president of the United States, how many stars are there on the American flag, and in what month is Thanksgiving celebrated in the country?

was impressed

Sam is impressed by the knowledge of the Zwolle people, he says at the end of the video. “To be honest, most Americans don’t even get many questions right. So everyone did well.

Curious about what questions Zwolle residents have? Watch the video:

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