Lioness sets free in Berlin, urging residents to stay home the animals

Lioness sets free in Berlin, urging residents to stay home  the animals

German police are using helicopters in Berlin to search for a stray lioness. Residents of the suburbs of Kleinmachau, Stansdorf and Tilto are being urged to stay home via social media and loudspeaker trucks.

The animal is said to have been seen along a road in Kleinmachnow on the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

Police launched the search after witnesses saw the lioness attacking a wild boar around midnight.

A video clip of an animal that looks like a lioness, made by a motorist, has gone viral on social media. Police say no picture There is no doubt that she is a lioness.

No trace of the animal has been found yet. Five hunters are searching the search area with stun guns, and veterinarians are also present. The police want to catch the predator in an “animal friendly manner.”

Not only should residents stay indoors, but their pets should also be kept indoors as much as possible. Day care centers are open as usual on Thursdays.

It is still not clear where the animal came from. German media earlier speculated that the lioness may have escaped from the circus, but the police are keeping all possibilities open. The agents are checking all the zoos, circuses and animal shelters, but so far no lion is missing.

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