Last-minute iPhone 15 (Pro) rumors: They’ve all been leaked

Last-minute iPhone 15 (Pro) rumors: They've all been leaked

Just a little patience and then Apple will introduce the new iPhones. At the last minute, we learned more about the iPhone 15. These are the last minute rumors about the iPhone 15 (Pro)!

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Latest iPhone 15 (Pro) rumours.

Mark Gurman, the usually trusted Apple expert, released his latest forecast for the Apple “Wonderlust” event. These are all last minute rumors about the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro!

Titanium case and rounded corners

Gorman says the new iPhone 15 Pro (Max)’s titanium casing makes it sturdier than the current version and nearly 10 percent lighter. In addition, this case has a polished look, as opposed to the glossy look of the current version.

In addition, the edges (where the front of the iPhone meets the metal side) are more rounded. Mark Gurman also said that the screen on the Pro models appears to be slightly larger, as the black bezels around the screen are now a bit narrower.

New A17 chip

Additionally, the iPhone 15 runs the A17 chip (maybe only in the Pro models). The main advantage of this chip is that it is more energy efficient. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max currently have a battery life of about 23 and 29 hours. The new chip could add more time to that.

The current Pro models of the iPhone 14 have 6GB of RAM. It is likely that the new iPhones will also receive an upgrade in this area. The new Action Button will replace the mute button. From now on you can attach your tasks to this button. For example, think of turning on focus, opening the flashlight, or launching the camera app.

Improved camera

What’s more, the telephoto and ultra-wide angle lens on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has more megapixels than its predecessor. This will be the first time that these lenses break the barrier of 12 megapixels. Gurman also said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will still be called “Pro Max.” It appears that the name change to iPhone 15 Ultra has been cancelled.

The U2 chip is coming

Both the regular iPhone 15 and Pro models are getting the new “U2” broadband chip. This is the first new version since the introduction of the U1 in the iPhone 11 Pro. The new chip is much better at location services and can therefore better track location in the Find My app. This chip is clearly coming to all new Apple products. Gorman also said the entire iPhone lineup will have faster wireless charging.

Upgrades for iPhone 15 (Plus)

Finally, Gurman said the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will feature a Dynamic Island. The A16 chip is coming and the 48MP camera is making its way to the regular models. A 6x optical zoom is also expected in the iPhone 15 (Plus).

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