Kyler Murray: I’d be amenable to inclusion, but we all have to look in the mirror if it doesn’t work out

Kyler Murray: I'd be amenable to inclusion, but we all have to look in the mirror if it doesn't work out

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is recovering from a torn ACL, but rehabilitation wasn’t the only focal point for him this season.

Murray also learned a new offense after the sacking of head coach Cliff Kingsbury. New head coach Jonathan Gannon hired Drew Petzing as offensive coordinator and Murray spent his time doing severance work to start absorbing the offense before he returned to the field.

Murray’s work ethic was called into question last year when the Cardinals added a film study clause to his new contract — later removed from the agreement — and he said in an interview with the team’s internal video series that he embraced the new. Direction with open arms. Murray added that it is up to everyone involved to make adjustments if Petzing’s initial approach does not bear fruit.

“I must respect the person or understand the ins and outs of rhymes and the reasons for it What do we do

Murray said, via Darren Urban from the team website. “I’ll listen. I’ll be adaptable and I’ll do it to the best of my ability, but if [expletive] It doesn’t work, at some point we all have to look in the mirror. As you grow from freshman year to now, learn to be one with your feelings, and understand how to talk to people. Some people are capable of taking the rough road and I am naturally that way, or do I need to give them a little love and that’s part of the quarterback position. . . . And what can I do better, how can I be better, how can I improve the men around me? It is a team sport. We all have to be locked in.”

Murray’s career hit a snag on several fronts last year, and he’s convinced surviving those tough times will do it. It eventually proves to be a good thing
him and the team. The sooner the signs of that appear, the better for Murray, Petzing, and anyone else invested in the organization’s future.

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