Jet van Nieuwkerk makes cooking easier for kids

Jet van Nieuwkerk
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When we call her to chat about her latest book full of plant-based recipes, we immediately receive two tips to make cooking with and for kids easier. “I think a lot about what I’m going to do at the beginning of the week. It usually takes longer to think about what to cook, and if you do it in advance, it saves a lot of time and costs. Also make more so you can freeze it for another day. Because sometimes it’s too crowded and you want Just heat something up quickly.

Everything is over

The intention of the book is to clear the entire palette. This often happens in the Van Newkirk family, but not always. “And sometimes the plate flies across the room. This is very normal. I always think: tomorrow is a new day. By the way, I don’t give anything else away. With us real food always comes with the bowl. But hey, they’re still kids. We don’t always like every Something, so it’s okay.”

Outside of prescriptions on me! Vega At any rate, it all passed through committee at Van Newkirk’s house. “Frenkie ate it all. But don’t throw in the towel right away if your child doesn’t eat something. I think kids have to taste something ten to fifteen times before they get used to the taste. Just serve it over and over again. Everything is a phase.” “That would be good.”

No stress

What you shouldn’t do at the table, in her opinion, is apply pressure. “Don’t stress about it. Children sense it and immediately throw their butts on the bed. Stay calm, tomorrow is another day. Conviviality at the table is also important, showing that eating is above all fun and enjoyable rather than an empty plate.” .

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Because eating, according to the journalist, is the most important moment of the day. “And it doesn’t matter whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s basically about getting together and having a good time. Food connects. For example, when you cook together, your conversations are completely different than when you’re sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee. It also has It has a therapeutic effect, stirred slightly in a pan after a busy day.

This is something I got from home. In the Van Nieuwkerk household everything revolved around food and extensive cooking. “My mother is incredibly good at it. We loved nothing more than sitting at the table. This was also a bonding factor. Now she is very proud and sits comfortably next to me.”

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