I was still in a hurry, but that would have been too much even for the Dalai Lama

I was still in a hurry, but that would have been too much even for the Dalai Lama
Julian Althusius

Long story short: I bought something, and it turned out to be the wrong thing and now needs to be returned. I sat in the car, listened to the music, and calmly drove to my destination. Was I in a hurry? of course not. As I approached a traffic light, I could choose between two lanes, with the left lane changing to the right shortly after the traffic light, leaving only one lane left. Although there were a few cars in the right lane waiting for the red traffic light and I was speeding on the left, I joined a gray Skoda in the right lane. I was in a hurry.

The traffic light turned green and the cars in front of me started moving. The gray Skoda moved reluctantly. ZuevA car passed me on my left. The gray Skoda continued. ZuevAnother car sped in front of me. And one more. Then two more. A gray Skoda crawled out, as if it wasn’t driving on a busy connected road, but trying to avoid potholes on an unpaved track in the Ard├Ęche, in thick fog, with four flat tires.

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Julien Althuisius is a writer and professional De Volkskrant Daily Life Columnist.

It’s only commendable if people drive a little more relaxed in traffic, but you can also overdo it. Take this from someone who wasn’t in a hurry at all, but is now starting to wonder what’s going on here. “What’s going on here, dude?” I said out loud and then made the international gesture What is going on here now?. I thought I distinguished two characters, a man and a woman. Maybe they were busy talking to each other and didn’t realize there was someone else behind them. We approached another traffic light and I decided to give my gray Skoda another chance. Unfortunately.

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I was still in a hurry, but that would have been too much even for the Dalai Lama. With a short breadth of road I saw my chance. I checked my mirrors, accelerated, steered to the left, passed the gray Skoda and merged into one smooth movement.

I saw the driver in the rear view mirror. It was a man my age, with curly hair of medium length. He was overjoyed that I met him. At first he made the international gesture out of admiration What is going on here now?. Then giving me not one, but two thumbs up, he bent down and shook his arms excitedly several times. I couldn’t hear him, of course, but it was clear that he was very pleased with my overtaking maneuver. Well, I have to say, it was truly a piece of art.

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