Hurry is required when searching the universe

Hurry is required when searching the universe

However, turbulence is noticeable here as well. To draw attention to this, the Dwingelo Telescope opens its doors during the night. Visitors are invited to take a look, as long as the phone is off. Dykema: “People can stop by and look with one of these telescopes at our moon or Jupiter’s moons or Saturn’s rings. The radio telescope is also open, but you have to make a reservation because it’s small.”

“This is the control room, and here we have all kinds of devices to receive the signals and computers to look at the signals,” Dykema points out. “Yes, I hear a sound, a click. You can see those taps appearing here now, and this is what we’re doing everything for. Look what a nice, regular signal. These are clicks from the space of a three-thousand-light star. They’re very weak signals, but since this The plate is big, we can still receive her.”

The telescope may be sensitive to space signals, but there is still a need for haste in astronomical research. “The technology is getting better every day, and we are now measuring signals that we could not measure fifty years ago,” says Dykema. “But fifty years ago, it was much quieter here because there were no cell phones. If we could have measured fifty years ago with today’s technology, that would be great. Before the whole spectrum gets contaminated, we should do everything astronomy did.”

During the night, darkness is taken care of in different locations. on this site You can see what to do in Drenthe.

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