Hundreds of people were killed in a strong earthquake in Morocco

Hundreds of people were killed in a strong earthquake in Morocco
Destruction after the earthquake in Morocco

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At least 296 people were killed in an earthquake that struck Morocco. State television reported that more than 150 people were also injured.

The 6.9-magnitude earthquake occurred after 11 p.m. local time. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Atlas Mountains between Marrakesh and the coastal city of Agadir.

A Moroccan official says that most of the victims occurred in inhospitable areas south of Marrakesh. A local news website reported that hospitals in Marrakesh were seeing a “mass influx” of wounded. Numbers are not mentioned.

a lot of damage

Initial photos posted on social media show damage to the buildings. In Marrakesh, according to local media, damage was mainly concentrated in the medina, the heart of the old city. The walls have collapsed and there are cracks in the buildings.

Other photos show that many people have fled abroad.

These people in Casablanca spend the night outside for fear of aftershocks

Earthquakes were felt in most parts of the country. People also took to the streets in Casablanca and the capital, Rabat, about 400 kilometers north of the epicenter.

Major earthquakes are relatively rare in Morocco, although the north of the country is regularly hit by smaller quakes.

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