How much will GTA VI cost? The publisher believes that the games are too cheap and is considering setting an hourly rate

How much will GTA VI cost?  The publisher believes that the games are too cheap and is considering setting an hourly rate

Earlier this week, Rockstar Games announced that a trailer for the highly anticipated GTA VI game will be released in December. The game’s price is not yet known, but GTA publisher Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take Two, has already made a startling statement about how much he thinks Rockstar Games is worth.

During a call with investors, Take Two’s CEO said he believes games are being offered too cheaply. Zelnick believes that Rockstar games in particular, such as the GTA series and Red Dead Redemption, are worth much more than their price.

“In terms of our pricing, the algorithm is basically the expected recreational use value. That is, the value per hour multiplied by the expected number of hours plus the final value that the customer experiences as ownership, if the title is owned and not part of the subscription,” Zelnick said.

The more hours, the greater the value

In other words, the longer you play the game, the more value you get for your money. Most major games currently cost around €70. But some of them have a 12-hour story, others have a 100-hour story. “By that standard, our prices are still very low, because we offer long hours of engagement and the value of that is very high,” says Take Two’s CEO.

However, it does not immediately appear that GTA VI, as reported The most expensive game ever Development will be much more expensive than the competition. Zelnick himself admits during the conversation that there is no realistic pricing model within the market for an expensive game.

Other revenue models

As a result, it seems likely that Take Two will use other revenue models to make GTA VI profitable. This was also done in the previous GTA V with GTA Online, where players could enhance their gaming experience through microtransactions. Take Two has done this for the past 10 years It raised about $8 billion.

Rockstar and Take Two have previously received some criticism for the extremely high prices of some games. For example, in 2021, they released remakes of the original GTA 3 trilogy, which were full of bugs and, according to many fans, were just an excuse to get money. Their price at the time was 60 euros, although they were just updated versions of old games. Also this year, Take Two released a remaster of the 13-year-old Red Dead Redemption, not a remaster, for €50.

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