How did everyone miss ‘The Last Samurai’?

How did everyone miss 'The Last Samurai'?

It often happens that directors leave a mistake in a movie. Recently an article appeared on FilmTotaal about Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction-blooper. Now it is The last samurai Role.

The story follows a Civil War veteran, Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), who arrives in Japan in 1870 to train Emperor Meiji’s soldiers to fight against samurai who want to reclaim their country.

When Algren is kidnapped by samurai, he realizes why they would risk their lives for their country and must choose who he actually wants to fight for. There are plenty of action scenes in this blockbuster, but the most painful blow is dealt to the actor, who is only seen for a short time.

This is the moment Cruz returns to his army on his horse. When he gets off the horse, the animal deals a heavy blow to one of the attendants. The horse kicks back and hits this unknown actor, but he continues to perform his scene professionally.

Although this was probably too painful and the actor almost fell over, he continued acting. This scene is even in the movie, but it might be a good thing. It happened this way for a reason. Watch the moment below from 7:58.

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