Hidden ball trick in College World Series 2023

Hidden ball trick in College World Series 2023

Omaha, Neb. – There was a freak play in the ninth inning of LSU baseball’s 6-3 win over Tennessee on Saturday in the 2023 College World Series.

With two outs in the ninth inning, first baseman Blake Burke of Tennessee reached first base on an error by Jordan Thompson. But before relief pitcher Riley Cooper could throw a one-out to the next batter, he was called for a tackle and Burke got to second base.

Cooper was confused about the call at first.

“I had no idea what was going on,” Cooper said.

So why was the lick called Cooper?

Trey Morgan, who had the ball in his hand at first base, faked his throw to Cooper in an attempt to fool Burke into thinking he didn’t have the ball. If Burke had taken the bait—he didn’t—and got off the bag, Morgan would have tagged it.

correct. Morgan tried to pull the old hidden ball. “Kinda wanted to see if she would relax a bit,” Morgan said.

But that wasn’t the only reason Cooper was called for obstruction. When Morgan attempted the hidden ball trick, Cooper was on the mound, triggering the call against him.

“Once they called the hitch and I turned around and saw Riley on the hill, I knew we messed it up,” Morgan said. “We have to work on that a little bit.”

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When Morgan tried to pull off the hidden ball trick, he tried to “play it”. He knew what the rule was, as did Cooper.

At least in the end.

“I forgot the rules for that,” Cooper said with a chuckle. “I just got back on the hill.”

“(It) was definitely Trey’s idea… When I did that, I remembered the rule. I was like, ‘Damn it.’”

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