Helen DeVos leaves ITA theater company after ‘mental and physical abuse’

Helen DeVos leaves ITA theater company after 'mental and physical abuse'

Helen DeVos.Picture of Broccoli cous

on her Instagram writes DeVos She leaves after thirteen years, not because she wants to “spread her wings,” or because she is tired of the “beautiful theatre,” but because she has been a witness and victim of psychological and physical abuse for years. DeVos is one of ITA’s key performers. When she was 22 years old, she joined the company in 2011.

She writes that she is scared but also relieved. She wrote that although her loved ones had advised her to remain silent, she now wanted to speak out. It was not possible to contact her for further clarification.

Change of management

Her departure is notable in terms of timing given the fact that there was a change of management at ITA on 1 September: Eileen Arbo took over from Ivo van Hove, who left after 22 years. Van Hove was known to be demanding and not always easy to work with.

After she graduated, DeVos sent an open application letter to Toneelgroep Amsterdam at the time. She resigned in 2017 Hit Parole About Van Hove. “As much as I like it here, I didn’t choose Holland, I really chose Evo.”

DeVos played her first role in 2011 Never from each other By John Foss. She later appeared in major productions such as Kings of War. The role is set for 2024 Julie Still on the schedule, they will be in revival the birds A play directed by Alize Zandvik.

Investigate the report further

in Message on the ITA website The administration responds that it has taken note of the message received on Instagram from Hélène Devos. They say they are investigating her report further. Moreover, it was stated in the statement. “Any form of inappropriate behavior is completely unacceptable.” We take all signals seriously and place great importance on a work environment in which everyone feels safe.