Hands-on shows how VisionOS for Apple Vision Pro works in practice – Games – News

The first hands-on came with VisionOS, the Apple Vision Pro headphone operating system. This is possible because Apple released an SDK with an emulator, so developers can actually get started with the software.

Downloadable SDK From the Apple site Thus it is now possible to run the emulator. For example, VisionOS appears to have a “Guest Mode”, with which users can create a guest password. This password is valid for a maximum of five minutes and then it expires. Guests can’t see any personal information, but end up in their own environment. The ability to have multiple accounts has long been a much requested feature of iOS and iPadOS, but it’s not included.

In addition, the on-screen keyboard, which has rounded keys and tilts vertically, can be seen in a 3D environment. The interface also has familiar elements like Control Center with toggles and notification overview. Applications work with a 2D window and these windows remain active in the background. The program indicates the active window by means of shadows and highlights. Windows automatically fades as it moves to the edge of the window.

Apple announced the Vision Pro earlier this month. The virtual reality glasses will be available in the US early next year for $3,499. Nothing is known of a release in the Benelux, but it is likely to follow at least months later.

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