Guus sees Flemming as the perfect successor to Groots: a party with a capital F

Guus Meeuwis en Flemming (foto: ANP).

Next year, Guus Meeuwis will put an end to his Groots concerts after 17 editions. But if it was up to the singer, the parties would continue with another artist. According to Guus Meeuwis, Flemming would be an ideal successor. “It’s definitely something to dream about,” Fleming said.

Flemming has already come up with a name for the Groots’ successor: “Party with a capital F, that sounds like something to me.”

Jas is a fan
Guus Meeuwis Flemming will be seen at Philips Stadium in two years: “He’s on his way to the first concert at the stadium. I’m a big fan of him. If he feels ready, he’s ready.”

Great compliment, the 27-year-old Fleming from Den Bosch says in response to Omroep Brabant. “It’s such an honor for Guus to see me as the successor to his ballpark gigs, though something like that is hard to match.”

Fleming had previously noted in an interview that Guus Meeuwis, among others, is his great example: “My goal is to have a career as long as Guus’s, with equally beautiful concerts. I hope that in twenty years I will also be able to perform in front of full houses.” In the end, Fleming hopes to become Dutchman Ed Sheeran.

To call
Part of that dream will come true this weekend, when singer Den Bosch will act as support for Groots with Soft G. The singer can then see behind the scenes how such a stadium works. “Then he should pay attention, and if he’s really planning on doing it next, he should call me,” says Guus Meeuwis. “He can ask me anything.”

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Fleming didn’t say yes right away: “Let’s first do the backing work three times next weekend. Then we’ll see after that.”

Fleming on his childhood dream:

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