Guerrilla Games almost cut a key feature from Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West has been available for quite some time now and was the first game that Guerrilla Games had to release on two PlayStation platforms at the same time. One of the challenges here is that the studio can be severely limited by the power and speed of an older platform, in this case the PlayStation 4.

As a result, the Amsterdam studio was at a loss for some time, as they were unable to get an important feature – flying machines – to work on the PlayStation 4. He attended the Develop: Brighton conference, where studio director Jan-Bart van Beek said they were only sure at the last minute that they wouldn’t have to cut the feature from the game, which could have many consequences for the progression of the game.

Angie Smets – now head of development strategy at PlayStation Studios – was also present and added that he initially focused on the PlayStation 5, and then they had to pull out all the stops to cut things back and make it work on its bigger sibling, the PlayStation 4.

“It was almost until the last minute that we didn’t know if we could support flight on PlayStation 4. We were like, ‘Do we need to cut the game feature entirely?'” This will make such a mess.”

Recently, Guerrilla Games indicated that they want to continue the Horizon franchise for a long time and that there are 16 plans ready to work with it.

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