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Google is releasing a material-based You redesign in Chrome version 117. The new design includes rounded corners, new color palettes, and updated icons. Some new features are also being added to the online marketplace, among others.

According to Google The new icons are intended to improve readability and the new color palettes are intended to “better complement the tabs and taskbar.” Another visual innovation is that each option in the three-dot menu on the URL bar has its own icon. An expandable Google Account submenu is now also available in that menu. In this release, the key icon next to the URL has also been replaced with a different icon, as Google announced earlier this year.

Moreover, the Google button has been added to the sidebar now. This opens a side panel so users can instantly search for images on the open page on Google. There are also some examples of searches related to the page the user is on, and users can start an entirely new search. They don’t have to open a new tab for this.

The Safe Browsing feature, which allows the browser to check if a URL a user is using matches a known malicious domain, should work in real-time from version 117 onwards. Previously, Chrome’s list of malicious URLs was updated every thirty to sixty minutes, but according to Google, 60 percent of phishing domains now exist for less than ten minutes. This made it difficult to ban them the old fashioned way. The tech giant expects this measure to increase protection against malware and phishing by 25 percent. Materials redesigning the browser, including new features, should be available to every Chrome user within the next few weeks.

Finally, the Chrome Web Store will also be getting a Material redesign, including some new features. For example, personalized recommendations for extensions should be provided, and will be organized into different categories, such as “AI-powered extensions.” The digital store’s safety check functionality will also be expanded to include accessories, meaning Google will now also check their safety. These changes Effective immediately Available to everyone as a public preview.

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