Good Times, Bad Times Say goodbye to a beloved character

Good Times, Bad Times Say goodbye to a beloved character

Please note: This article contains spoilers.

In the last episode of GTST, Which can be watched now on Videoland and on TV on Thursday, we see the Verduyn family (more) fall apart. Saskia (played by Tamara Brinkman) loves the doctor who treats her daughter, Demi. She now chooses to divorce Julian and live with Dieter. This means that viewers have to say goodbye to her.

Earlier this year, Tamara was also absent for a period of time. Along with the previous GTSTActress Anouk Mas travels across Europe in a carriage. Like many of her colleagues, Tamara has to deal with the flexible law, which forces actors without a permanent contract to take a six-month break after two years. Unfortunately for fans, her departure this time has nothing to do with the flexible law.

Viewers also had to say goodbye to Demi Verduin. After rehabilitating at a burn centre, she recently left for Morocco with her lover Jesse and son Tom. Noah Zwan, the actress behind Demi, told RTL Boulevard at the time that she “had to cry so hard” after her final scene.

For more details about Saskia’s passing: GTST It can be watched from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm on RTL 4 and can be watched on Videoland.

The monthly trailer shows the people of Merdek facing a stormy November:

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