Gasoline prices in Belgium will fall again from Tuesday local

Gasoline prices in Belgium will fall again from Tuesday  local

Brabanders living on the Belgian border can indulge themselves once again. It will be cheaper to fill up with gasoline at our neighbors on Tuesday. Prices are falling again, just like last week.

The maximum price of a liter of 95 (E10) gasoline fell by 6.2 cents on Tuesday to 1.7720 euros. For a liter of 98 (E5) gasoline, you pay €2 per liter on Tuesday, which is 7 cents less than now.

According to United Consumers, the recommended national average price for E10 in the Netherlands is currently €2.22. This price is based on the average recommended prices of the five largest oil companies: BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, and Total. However, at many Dutch pumps, you pay much less, and can end up with a few cents less than €2. But the difference with Belgium is still about 20 cents per litre.

The drop in prices comes after the rise in diesel and gasoline prices. Earlier this month, gasoline reached its highest level since mid-November 2022. The fact that gasoline is now cheaper is due to fluctuations in the prices of petroleum products and vital components of fuel in international markets.

The question is what will happen to gasoline prices in the near future, as oil prices rose sharply on Monday following the surprise attack by Hamas on Israel last weekend.

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