Flying car could be tested in US: ‘available to customers by 2025’

Flying car could be tested in US: 'available to customers by 2025'

Alef Aeronautics, a California automaker, declares It has received permission from the US aviation authorities to test the ‘Model A’ of the flying car. This is the first time such a vehicle has been allowed to fly in the United States. The project is backed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX and others.

“It brings eco-friendly and fast travel closer to everyone,” said Jim Dukovny, director of Alef Aeronautics. “It will save people and companies time.”

Duchovny calls the approval of the test “a giant step” in the world of transportation. The vehicle is not immediately airborne. His expectation is that this will not be possible until 2025, he said Formerly Director And then only in certain places. A lot of regulation still needs to be done.

Fly 180 km

Aleph’s flying car takes off vertically and horizontally and can carry two people. On the road, this car can drive more than 300 kilometers before recharging. It can fly about 180 kilometers.

Although it is still far away, you can already sign up for such a flying car. You can get on the waiting list for $150. If you deposit $1500, you get priority when the first delivery is real. The company says hundreds of people have already done so.

Many car companies are also working with airline parties on flying cars. Chinese car brand Xpeng already conducted public test flights with its X2 flying car last year.

Stellandis, the parent company of car brands such as Opel, Peugeot and Fiat, is working on an electric air taxi. South Korean Hyundai already showed the concept of such an air taxi in 2022.

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Late last year, Renault partnered with aircraft manufacturer Airbus to develop a new generation of electric batteries and hybrid technology for cars and planes. Airbus is also co-developing with Audi.Drone car‘.

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