Expensive Netflix? Then use Samsung’s free streaming service

Expensive Netflix?  Then use Samsung's free streaming service

What many people don’t know is that some TV manufacturers have their own streaming service that, unlike Netflix and Disney+, is free. This is also the case with Samsung, which allows you to watch a wide range of content for free via Samsung TV Plus. WANT Editor Dennis Mons tells you all about this service.

It’s easy to imagine that the number of streaming services can get overwhelming. Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, etc. And this is also an expensive joke. That’s why Samsung TV Plus is perfect.

Samsung TV Plus the killer of Netflix?

Let me clarify a few things first. Samsung’s service can’t really compare to that of other streaming competitors like Netflix. Think of it as “old fashioned” linear TV. You only have as many channels at your disposal as TV. It is possible to watch ‘separate’ shows, movies or programmes, but these are on demand.

By the way, as mentioned, Samsung’s range is huge. There are cooking channels, news, sports and of course entertainment channels. In the Netherlands and Belgium, users have access to twenty channels. It’s countless different topics, including kids, family, lifestyle, sports, music, movies, documentaries, news, and entertainment. Kind of like what you learned from Netflix.

Check the website for that full width (huge) to see.

Already ready for you

However, Samsung TV Plus does have a drawback compared to streaming services like Netflix: You must have a Samsung TV or streaming device. In America, it can also be used on Galaxy phones and tablets. This has not yet happened in the Netherlands.

Samsung Plus TV
Broadcast service in action (photo: Samsung)

This disadvantage also has an advantage: the application is already standard on your TV (after 2017). Plus, it’s also very clear, so I quickly found something nice to watch instead of Netflix. You don’t need an account either, though a Samsung account does have extras like Find More.

In any case, Samsung TV Plus is a great free alternative to other streaming services like Netflix, especially if the costs are too high.

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Expensive Netflix? In this way, you can use Samsung’s free streaming service

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