EvdWL on the launch of Xbox, Palworld, The Day Before and GTA

EvdWL on the launch of Xbox, Palworld, The Day Before and GTA

This talk show is made possible by MSI. All opinions expressed in this video are our own. MSI has no say in the content, and just like you, we’re watching the video for the first time here on the site.

It’s cold again on Friday, but that won’t spoil the fun because we’re bringing you a new edition of Weekend Live with Kevin. The talk show in which we discuss the most important news of the past week. This edition of EvdWL is also full of news, gossip and fun. Hosts Jelle, JJ, and Kevin sit behind a desk and talk about, among other things, Xbox layoffs, Apple opening streaming services and third-party stores, the Palworld hype, and the cool statement from the maker of Dragon’s Dogma 2 about fast travel and the arrival of the Death Stranding sequel. You’ll see and hear all this and more in the weekend’s live broadcast on Friday, January 26, 2024.

Palworld and win free pizza for life

We have a promo this Friday that’s as amazing as it is weird. Dr. Oetker runs a contest in which one person wins a free Big American pizza for the rest of his life. And by lifetime we really mean lifetime. We explain how you can participate in this promotion in this version of EvdWL and stream Tekken 8. You will find all the information about the apizzatodie of the promotion here.

MSI offers Vector 16HX A14VGG laptop with the new MSI AI Engine

MSI puts this week Vector 16HX A14VGG is in the spotlight. A popular laptop series for gamers, now equipped with new specifications. On board there are, among others: New 14H i9 generation processor, RTX 4070 with DLSS 3 option, thick QHD+ display with 240Hz and the new MSI AI Engine. With the help of these AI tools, MSI helps you further in your gaming experience or while working. MeGekko has this laptop available at a great price. If you want more information about this power or take advantage of the promotion, jump in here to.

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