EvdWL about GTA 6, the Zelda movie, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Mass Effect 5

EvdWL about GTA 6, the Zelda movie, Baldur's Gate 3, and Mass Effect 5

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It’s getting wet again outside, but we’re not going to let the winter doldrums get to us. We are so ready for next weekend. Because, like every week, he waits impatiently at the door. We just have to open it (or even the door). We’ll help you with this by bringing you a brand new edition of Weekend Live. One with Dan, Huey, and Kos in the lead roles. There is a list of quite a few topics ready for discussion. For example, we finally have real sign for GTA 6, there will be a new live-action Zelda movie and Bioware showed off a teaser for Mass Effect 5. You can see and hear this and many other topics at the end of the live stream on Friday, October 10, 2023.

Finally we got to see GTA 6 images

The three gentlemen will also discuss Take 2’s desire to turn more of their franchises into films. But do they have that series in addition to Bioshock and Borderlands? And are the Warner Bros franchises strong enough to be turned into GaaS? You will get the answer in this video.

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