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Passengers can now partially biometric check-in on a train journey with Eurostar. To do this, they must provide some data, including a face scan, in advance. Biometric check-in is only possible at St Pancras Station in London.

the so-called SmartCheck Become Provided by iProov So far, it is only available to customers who purchase a Business Premier ticket or book a ride with a Carte Blanche membership. They can complete the first biometric passport control and possibly faster. In this way, ticket scanning is no longer necessary. Everyone then has to pass a second checkpoint for an additional passport check at French customs, regardless of whether the traveler uses SmartCheck or not.

Passengers can submit tickets, passport and face scans in advance via the app so they can go through part of passport control at SmartCheck. According to Eurostar, after verification, the data is sent to the passport control system and biometric gates. After check-in, the data will be stored for a maximum of 48 hours and will be deleted after the flight is completed.

The biometric check-in system was tested at the same station between the end of 2021 and April 2022 and is now officially in use. It is unknown if or when passengers who do not have an included Business Premier ticket or Carte Blanche membership will be able to use the service. It is also not clear if SmartCheck will be used on other terminals.

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