Elon Musk’s largest rocket ever also exploded during the second test launch

Elon Musk's largest rocket ever also exploded during the second test launch

The spacecraft was scheduled for a ninety-minute spaceflight, but communication was lost ten minutes after liftoff from the launch site in Boca Chica, Texas. Commentators on SpaceX’s live broadcast said the rocket exploded.

This time the missile reached an altitude of 148 kilometers.

Postponed yesterday

The first test last spring ended in an explosion shortly after liftoff. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulator later temporarily banned the new tests. SpaceX was only allowed to conduct the test again if it met safety and environmental requirements. Therefore, the spacecraft’s rocket was modified.

A second launch attempt was planned for yesterday. Then it was postponed for a day because a part had to be replaced at the last minute.


The spacecraft is a two-stage rocket. It consists of a very heavy rocket with a spacecraft attached to it. In total, the height of this structure is 120 meters. This is 8 meters higher than the Dome Tower in Utrecht.

The missile exploded after being launched at an altitude of about 150 kilometers. The spacecraft rose further, but soon after that contact disappeared.

Still satisfied

With a version of Starship, SpaceX wants to fly to the moon and eventually put people on Mars.

Despite the explosion, SpaceX says it is happy with the result achieved, as seen on Musk’s social media platform X, formerly Twitter.

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