Elgato announces free Stream Deck Mobile for iOS and iPadOS – Games – News

This was exactly my reaction

Now I’m not entirely sure what’s the difference, but in TP I think you can also do game integrations: eg showing part of your flight sim’s cockpit buttons on your iPad… for banners.

But here’s the point I would like to make with this, now they made it free for 6 buttons and they could also pay for 9 buttons at once.

Then there’s a bit of choice, or you pay once for one version, and you get updates in that version; Or you get a subscription and with the version upgrade you also naturally get the latest version … – I only prefer the option: for an app like a virus scanner I quickly choose a subscription model, because for an app I use a lot (office) I think it should always be up to date That I’d want that too, for an app that’s constantly moving like a browser too, but an app that I only use to perform a simple task every now and then doesn’t, especially if my use case is simple (streaming for fun)… For others, ( who have to make a living from it) it would be very different but they may not benefit from a modern office suite..and would they be willing to pay at most once for basic features.

use case == keyword here,

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