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Electronic Arts has announced more details about its new motion capture technology, which the company calls HypermotionV, for its upcoming EA Sports Football Club 24 soccer game. Real soccer matches have been recorded at the highest level with special cameras.

In order to develop the animation for FC24, eight special 4K cameras were placed around the soccer fields, EA told Tweakers during a preview event for the game. The cameras recorded images at 120 frames per second, after which they were converted into 3D images. The developer calls this HypermotionV, the third generation of the technology, with V standing for “volumetric.”

EA has processed 1.3 billion frames from 180 soccer player animation matches in FC24. Professional soccer players from the men’s and women’s UEFA Champions League, Premier League and La Liga have been captured. In some cases, AI Mimic has been implemented to make the movements of individual superstar players more realistic and similar to the real ones. The company also mentions the new Sapien technology as part of the improved Frostbite engine, which should make players’ anatomy more realistic, for example in terms of muscle distribution and contraction.

Previously, the lower division players were used for motion capture sessions, which still required special clothing. Also, these “competitions” were played specifically to score moves. Actual duels, where something is at stake, are usually more intense.

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