Dutch IT Channel – ‘US considering further tightening of chip exports to China’

Two sources report this Reuters. This is a tightening of sanctions imposed by the US government in October. At the time, the US significantly restricted China’s access to chips. The sanctions specifically target the manufacturing of chips in China and the development of the Chinese AI industry. The US also wants to limit China’s ability to use supercomputers to design military weapons.

May be announced by the end of July

Sources said the US may want to announce updated export rules by the end of July. However, one of the sources notes that such regulations regarding China are often delayed. The US Commerce Department declined to comment on the report to Reuters.

Tightening export regulations could have a financial impact on US chipmakers Nvidia and AMD. “Long-term, restrictions prohibiting the sale of our data center GPUs to China, if implemented, would permanently deprive the U.S. industry of an opportunity to compete and be a leader in one of the world’s largest markets, and would harm our future business and financial results,” Nvidia CFO Colette Kress said in a note to investors this week. said at a conference, according to Reuters.

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