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I think the EU is “free” to trade with whoever they/we want. But “free” has a lot of advantages, but also disadvantages.
It’s not just the US that wants to be involved in “everything”, Russia wants it too, China, Brazil too… even the Netherlands and Belgium have their own views on, for example, forms of government, culture, human rights… and trade relations.
And then there’s the question: Who should we be with? What effects does it have? Above all (and this applies to every country): How do we get out of this? In short: who are our partners, what benefits and at what cost?!

With this in mind we:
* History cannot simply be erased (eg EU, NATO, WTO, previous agreements/treaties/treaties)
* Economics and trade relations cannot be changed in a few days/months/years (look at what Brexit has caused everyone involved)
* Currently US products (though only IT, Agriculture, Aviation, Automotive etc.) benefit greatly from military support (again NATO).
* We have our own agenda(s) regarding peace, human rights and culture

… I think it’s wise to listen, engage in dialogue and (even) compromise.
World politics is (thankfully?) much more than economics. In my opinion, it is a grave mistake to shoot our allies in the foot by putting purely economic interests first.

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