Dragon Reality Series Deals Rarely Passed Den | Displays

Dragon Reality Series Deals Rarely Passed Den |  Displays

Deals made in the final season of Den TV Dragons rarely materialize. BNR reported this on Wednesday after a round-up of the cast of the series, which premiered last year on streaming service Viaplay.

This season, among the 23 companies that offered their company to investors, the so-called “dragon”, four had received the promised amount. Two companies were going to get less money than promised or a loan instead of an investment. Seventeen other candidates say they have not received anything yet.

However, many respondents say they realize that not all deals actually result in investment. For example, Joëlle van der Pol of House of Karts tells the news channel that she finds it “logical in itself” that “part of it won’t happen”.

Not new

According to producer Vincent TV, “Dragons” only pull out if there is a good reason to do so. Thus, the fact that a significant portion of the deals have been canceled is “not new, not a secret and a logical consequence of what is beginning to form,” owner Vincent Terre Feuer told BNR. “In real business life too, there are often many long negotiations about engagements and not all of them.”

Although deals can go off after tapings, broadcasts will be streamed. Ter Fuerte says that “exorbitant costs” were incurred for the recordings. “The participant has signed the recordings that will be broadcast as part of the programme, having been extensively informed about the programme.”

The Dragons’ Den format originated in Japan, where it was broadcast by Nippon TV between 2001 and 2004. It has now been broadcast in over forty countries over the years. In the Netherlands, the program was broadcast in 2007-2008 by KRO and presented by Jort Kelder. Then the “dragons” were Aryen de Kooning, Anne-Marie van Gaal, Henk Kellmann, Willem Sethoff and Jan-Peter Melchior. The latter was replaced in 2008 by George Panken. In April 2020, Dragons’ Den returned to NPO 1, produced by Vincent TV and presented first by Sander Schimmelpenninck (2020) and then Jort Kelder (2021) with Won Yip, Shawn Harris, Pieter Schoen, Michel Perridon and Nikkie Plessen as potential investors. The latter two were replaced in the final series by Bas Witvoet and Manon van Essen.

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