Despite heavy criticism, the PvdD party council will introduce a new party leader on Thursday

Despite heavy criticism, the PvdD party council will introduce a new party leader on Thursday

The council talks about “integrity violations.” However, according to Ouihand, the board wants to sideline her due to the strong criticism she expressed in a letter on Friday about the board’s position. There is now a motion of no confidence pending against this Council.

The party’s political summit hopes that the situation will explode soon. And this would only be possible without the current council, that’s the crux of the matter. Therefore, the team surrounding Oyhand hopes that the Board of Directors will not wait for the conference to be held, but will submit his resignation.

‘Just a draft list’

And the council does not want to do that yet. According to party president Ruud van der Velden, the board “simply intends” to present the draft list next Thursday. Then it will become clear who the council wants to be the leader of the party.

MP Kristin Teunissen, who previously took over the party’s interim leadership from Ouhand, is backing her party colleague and has already declared herself unavailable as a candidate.

Lots of support

Oyhand receives a lot of support on social media from members and from various departments and factions of the county council. Yesterday, the Frisian States faction of the party leader PvDD supported. North Brabant, Drenthe, Gelderland, North Holland and Zeeland have already done so.

The Pink Youth Branch also supports the party leader and wants “the board to resign as soon as possible.”

At the party conference on September 24, members will vote on the new party leader and a motion of no confidence is expected to be submitted to the board. It is not known if this is actually being implemented. When asked, members who criticized the board said they would wait for developments first.

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A very critical message

The board and Uehand have been at odds over the party’s development for some time. In her letter on Friday, the party leader strongly criticized the board’s position, saying the Party for the Animals would like to hold a small ceremony for testimony.

Meanwhile, the party is already ruling a number of municipalities and making gains in opinion polls. In Ouihand’s view, the party must become professional.

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