Crypto experts warn: an abyss looms

Crypto experts warn: an abyss looms

In this article, we share an up-to-date and in-depth cryptographic analysis from our premium member environment. Every week, our analysts here provide over 20 technical analyses, which are used daily by over 1,000 members. If you don’t own the cryptocurrencies below, don’t worry, this analysis is also interesting for you.

Quantity Technical Analysis (QNT)

It appears that the quantum (QNT) price has not yet finished its decline. Crypto Insiders recently shared a new analysis of QNT with Premium members. They say the following:

QNT continues to wear its bear hat. The price now appears to be on edge, ready to plunge. On examining the charts closely, we see the appearance of the 12345 Elliott wave pattern.

The interesting thing is that we have just reached the 50% Fibonacci level, which indicates that we have completed the second wave of this pattern. If this pattern plays out in the book, we can prepare ourselves for a big drop – the dreaded third wave.

Our first target is the area around $82. This seems like a realistic scenario given the current trend and market dynamics. But don’t be fooled by appearances of stability – there is always the potential for further deterioration.

Our full business plan and all associated updates are available in Discord, our premium environment for members. “

This analysis was shared with members on July 21, so it may be out of date. It may be that a new update has already been shared in our featured group.

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