Corsair Introduces M75 AIR Wireless Mouse and SCUF Envision Controllers for PCs – Computer – News

Corsair is introducing a new gaming mouse and two wireless controllers. The M75 AIR wireless gaming mouse is priced at €150. The SCUF Envision controllers are specifically intended for PC gamers and will be available at a starting price of €150.

Corsair M75 AIR Wireless It works via 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connection. Corsair equips the mouse with a Marksman 26K sensor, which is based on Pixart’s PMW3392. The sensor has a maximum DPI of 26,000 DPI and can handle acceleration of up to 50G, claims the manufacturer.

The mouse also has optical switches, which, according to Corsair, last for a hundred million clicks. The mouse weighs sixty grams and has a built-in battery. The device has a USB-C connection, through which the mouse can be charged and used wired. The battery is said to last up to 34 hours when using the 2.4GHz receiver. With Bluetooth, battery life is up to one hundred hours, says Corsair. The M75 AIR Wireless will be available immediately and is priced at €150.

SCUF Envision Controllers for PC

Corsair’s SCUF is also offered Two new Envision controllers, which is designed specifically for computers. The regular Envision can only be used wired, while the Envision Pro can also be used wirelessly via an included USB receiver. Both Envision and Envision Pro can be modified Oars At the bottom of the controller, there are several programmable G buttons below the joystick and two additional buttons on the sides. Both controllers have ABXY buttons and a mechanical d-pad, the manufacturer reports.

The Pro version of the Envision also gets adjustable triggers on the back of the controller. This allows players to choose how hard to press the triggers to activate them. The Pro version also has grip material on the back, something missing from the regular Envision. The Envision Pro will be available in gray and white; The regular Envision is available in black only.

The recommended retail price for the SCUF Envision is €150. The Pro version has a recommended retail price of €200. Both consoles are available now.

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