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The Core i7 variant of Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh will have twenty cores. The number of electronic cores in the i7-14700K increases from eight to twelve, Moore says Dead Law based on roadmaps and sources.

Moore’s Law is dead he says in a video That the base number of the next update of Lake Raptor i7 will increase. The Core i7-14700K will have twenty cores, where the current Core i7-13700K still has sixteen. This is due to an increase in effective Cores or electronic cores. The current Raptor Lake model has eight performance cores and eight E cores, but according to Moore-Mitt’s law and according to Some other dropouts Does the update contain more of those electronic cores. This also means that the i7-14700K has extra mass for those cores. The size of the L3 cache also increases; In the new version of soc this goes from 30 to 33MB.

One leaker, @wnxod, says it has already passed the new CPU through CPU-Z and Cinebench. It shows that the new i7-14700K has a base clock speed of 3.7GHz and a maximum boost clock speed of 5.5GHz, which is more than the current model’s 5.4GHz. However, this relates to the speed on the P cores and not the additional electron cores, which typically operate at clock speeds between 3 and 4 GHz.

An earlier roadmap has already shown that Intel wants to launch Raptor Lake Refresh later this year. These models are expected to be launched in October this year. It turns out that the forms will have from 14 to 24 cores.

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