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Cloud gaming platform Shadow has warned its customers of a data breach. The platform does this in an email to users. According to the company, names, email addresses and billing addresses, among other things, were stolen.

Shadow email

Shadow announces the data breach via an email, sent to Tweakers by several readers They can also be viewed on Reddit. The company stated in its letter that it had fallen victim to social engineering. An employee allegedly insisted on Discord installing malware under the guise of a Steam game. The attacker was then able to use the stolen cookie to control the administration interface of one of the Shadows Managing relationships with– Supplier approach. This allowed the hacker to view certain customer data.

According to Shadow, this involves a data breach of full names, email addresses, dates of birth, billing addresses, and credit card expiration dates. The platform says no passwords or “sensitive banking details” were stolen. The company warns its customers about phishing attempts on their email addresses and recommends users turn on two-step authentication.

The platform claims that it has “taken the necessary steps” to secure its systems and has taken “necessary precautions to prevent future incidents.” The company said it has also tightened its security protocols with SaaS providers and upgraded its internal systems to neutralize acquired workstations.

Shadow is a cloud gaming platform that allows users to rent a PC for gaming via the cloud. They can then install and play their own games on it. The company has not yet commented publicly on the data breach, other than its email to customers.

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