Claudia’s rejection by Walter at B&B Vol Liefde: “There is no longer a long love affair between us”

Claudia's rejection by Walter at B&B Vol Liefde: "There is no longer a long love affair between us"

As a gift, Walter chooses a bunch of flowers from his own garden for the birthday boy Claudia. You couldn’t make her happier as a conduit to Mother Earth. “Then you become completely happy. You really feel this feeling of love inside.”

In the song “Happy Birthday” they dance again with Ann. Walter is curious about her wishes for this new year of life. “I’m going to meet or have already met the love of my life,” she says.

Claudia didn’t dare ask Walter out until today. “I gathered strength and courage because I really wanted to go out with him. I’m just excited because it’s my first date. I don’t know about dating, yeah, when I was 16.” Claudia has been with her partner since she was 16, and she passed away two years ago.

Walter takes Claudia to a beautiful place near a waterfall. “I once dreamed I was sitting in a waterfall with a guy. I didn’t even know I was going to do that. It feels like a huge birthday present to me.”

Claw takes the initiative and really wants to know what Walter thinks of her. “The days when I see your status, I notice that you mean a lot to me. But I don’t know how you feel about it. I’d like an honest answer to that.” Walter has to disappoint her. “To answer your question clearly, I don’t think it will be a long love affair between us.” He feels a “strong, lively connection” with her.

Blinded or not blinded by a budding crush, Claudia is delighted with Walter’s answer. “It touches me today with a very beautiful feeling of honesty and purity. I can just stay with myself and feel what I feel and act upon it. I have so much attachment to it that I’m not surprised it will eventually grow. But it was clear now: I don’t feel it.”

A little later during the date, the two looked at each other intently. There Claudia feels something different about Walter. “I want a kiss on the mouth. Do you want that?” I asked him. shake not. “But a nice hug,” he replies, after which the two entwine into a close embrace. For example, the second refusal on her birthday is a fact.

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