Celebrities welcome Sinterklaas | RTL Street

Celebrities welcome Sinterklaas |  RTL Street

Bop bang

Hop, hop, hop! Douwe and Sinterklaas currently have something in common: they both ride a gray horse. “Hey Santa, aren’t you missing something?” Doy says in a video where he can be seen riding a white horse at his holiday address. “You’ve got it! A million euros. You’ve got a week.” Meanwhile, it is already clear that Ososnell was simply present at the entrance to Gorinchem.

Fred Van Leer

“Uncle” Fred welcomes Santa with a shot of the old box. “Hello Sinterklaas!” It’s a bit dim and damp, but you feel welcome,” the designer and presenter captioned a photo of himself reading to good friends’ children.

Monique Smith

Monique Sinterklaas is thrilled to have a new song and no one other than her son Noah shouting it from the rooftops.

Roxanne Hazz

party! Fender, Roxianne’s son, crashes at a Sinterklaas party.

Monique Westenberg

At the Hazes-Westenbeg house they are also fully prepared for the arrival of Saint Nicholas. Turns out Andre Jr. is the real “Acrobat Piet”.

Tonight at 6pm, Het Sinterklaasjournaal can be watched on Zapp on NPO 3. This will be followed by Speculasies, the new talk show about Het Sinterklaasjournaal, hosted by comedian Thomas van Leeuwen.

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