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Unity wants to change its controversial plans to charge developers money for installing the Unity engine. Bloomberg wrote that the company is “considering adjustments,” including the maximum amount allocated to developers.

According to Bloomberg News Agency The unit said this to employees in an internal presentation this week. The company does not want to cancel the plan completely, but wants to make adjustments to it. This will happen especially with the limit; Unity wants a maximum of four percent of the turnover of developers who earn more than $1 million. Probably the most important disclaimer is that game installs are not retroactive.

Unity also won’t want to use its own tools to measure fixtures. Instead, developers will be allowed to submit the numbers themselves, but exactly how that will work is not yet known. During the session with employees, Unity reportedly said that it mainly wants to make money from its largest users and that “ninety percent of Unity users won’t notice anything about it.”

The changes have only been discussed internally and have not yet been announced. Unity promised to make adjustments to the pricing system earlier this week and apologized, but the company has not yet said what those adjustments are. It also appears that the current mods haven’t been finalized yet, but they should arrive later this week.

Unity came under fire earlier this week when the company decided to ask for money from developers who build games based on the Unity engine. There has been a lot of criticism from both developers and players. They fear that many developers will not be able to afford the prices.

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