Big Bazar Delfzijl has been declared bankrupt. The discount does not abide by the payment arrangements

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The curtain also seems to have fallen on the Big Bazar in Delfzijl. The landlord of this establishment has filed for bankruptcy.

Undertaking owner Barendrecht & Van Nie of Emmen handed over arrears of €24,953.35 to a collection company and joined the bankruptcy petition for the entire company.

On August 8, Big Bazar made a payment arrangement with the landlord, agreeing to pay rent arrears for the shop located in De Wending in Delfzijl. Then the landlord withdrew the lawsuit I filed against the branch. But the payment was not made. Barendrecht & Van Nie do not want to comment.

The discount store chain, owned for two years by businessman Herki Koestra of Damwood in Friesland, has been in tatters for some time. In many locations, rent is not paid.

Tons of debt

In a court case over vacating premises in Assen and Cowfordn, no delegation from the company showed up on Tuesday. These landlords have also gone to court over rent arrears.

Many creditors have already filed for bankruptcy of the retail chain. The case will be heard at the end of this month. The company is likely to have several tons of outstanding debt in total.

In Leeuwarden, the large market in the De Centrale shopping district had to be evacuated by court order.

Price Fighter was founded in 2007 by Blokker’s parent company and sold to Kooistra two years ago. Big Bazar sells all kinds of non-food items at low prices and competes with Action and others. In the Netherlands there are a total of 125 branches with 1,600 employees.

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