Being busy is peppy, but it’s also stupid

Being busy is peppy, but it's also stupid

We’re getting busier and busier and getting worse and worse. A new commercial for a major drugstore showed exactly what’s going on. As a mother you have to make a career, take steps, stay “sharp” and keep up with all trends. The government forces you to work more and in the meantime you also “of course” have to take care of the house. Fortunately, the clerk at the pharmacy has a pill for that. Pure relief from symptoms.

The real challenge has not been dealt with. Because being busy also has a huge advantage. This gives status, something to hold on to. Being busy means being successful. Our society depends on winning. This includes personality traits such as ambition, discipline, and perseverance. These are the things that are appreciated. Often at any cost. we too.

This insistence on performance creates enormous challenges. At work, this results in working more seriously. Whereas, if we were to slow down more often, we would realize that we haven’t exactly started working smarter. In relative terms, we are becoming less productive and less focused.

we interview more, but also becoming increasingly individualistic. This is good for nomads, but it also makes us less efficient. So we have to work harder to win. Standing still is then seen as taking a step back. Relaxation is not over.

This winning mentality also plays out in our private lives. We must win there too. moving forward. The ability to speak. In our free time — when we’re not on the phone — we put tremendous pressure on ourselves to fill that time as optimally as possible.

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If we’re going to do sports, the triathlon should be spot on. Including the companion Strava app, a new group of friends to train with the accompanying outfit.

The holidays should also be Instagram-worthy. Nowadays, you even have locations to take selfies in hotels and other vacation spots so that you can take pictures of yourself in the most beautiful setting. That way, at least on social media, your vacation will look great.

And our children were not spared either. They have hockey, tennis, soccer, swimming, a homework course, and two side jobs. In our private life too, we also worry a lot. about everything.

Taking a break and taking a break, as Sifan Hassan did recently during her marathon in London, is seen as a failure. Even the reviewers immediately exclaimed: “You should quit.”

As we catch ourselves up, and fall in so often, we collectively wonder what pill or program can keep us going. Relaxing is something that never comes to mind. You will almost be ashamed of it.

However, Sifan Hassan won the marathon. With the Dutch fastest time ever.

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