Armenian ambassador summoned to Russia for reconciliation with America

Armenian ambassador summoned to Russia for reconciliation with America

For the second time in a while, the CIA has released a video aimed at persuading Russian military personnel and top officials. The intelligence service is specifically looking for intelligence on the Russian leadership.

The war in Ukraine has caused so much discontent among the Russians that the CIA believes they are willing to cooperate. The video shows a fictional civil servant going to work in the morning and going through files. At the end of the day, after much deliberation, he enters a restaurant where he contacts the CIA on his phone over a secure Tor site.

“People around you don’t want to hear the truth,” the video says. ‘We want it.’ The Russians then show how they can safely contact the intelligence service. ‘The CIA wants to know the truth about Russia, and we are looking for reliable people who know this truth and can tell us. Your information may be more valuable than you think.

Intelligence especially hopes to recruit Russians who work in key parts of the government apparatus, such as the military. “Are you a soldier?” The CIA asks. ‘Do you work in the fields of intelligence, diplomacy, science, high technology, or do you associate with those who do? Do you have information on the economy or top leadership of the Russian Federation? Please contact us.’

When the CIA released a similar video in May, the Kremlin warned that Western espionage activities were being monitored in the country. Now a new video has surfaced showing that the CIA is doing everything it can to recruit spies quickly. According to CIA chief William Burns, former ambassador to Moscow, discontent among Russians about the war is growing. “This discontent creates a unique opportunity for us,” Burns said in July. ‘We will not let it go to waste.’

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