Animal Party Integrity Secretary goes to court

Animal Party Integrity Secretary goes to court
Party leader Esther Ouwehand of the Party for the Animals

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The Party for the Animals’ integrity secretary has filed a summary suit against the new party’s board. That’s due next week. The reason is said to be the recent statement declaring all integrity reports against party leader Oyhande to be baseless.

in This statement This includes the accusation that Owehand pressured the integrity officer in an email. The Council rejects this and says that Owehand also acted correctly on this point.

The Integrity Secretary, appointed by the party, is now taking legal action. She and her lawyer do not want to comment on the case. The party council says it has full confidence in the result.

Nine reports

After the statement that she had not committed any integrity violations, Oyhand announced two weeks ago that she would continue as party leader. She had temporarily withdrawn shortly before due to nine complaints against her.

The New Council states that they all came from the Old Council, with whom Ouihand was in conflict over the direction of the party. This council has resigned.

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